Next Generation Condom Contraception, Dr Simon Cook


RESEARCHER PROFILE  (Filmed October 2023)
Dr Simon Cook,
Executive Director, Operations
Eudaemon Technologies
Sydney, Australia

Dr. Simon Cook, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Operations at Eudaemon Technologies, has had a diverse and impactful career journey. Beginning with a background in biotechnology from the University of Wollongong, his focus on bacterial pathogenesis during his PhD led him to study Group A Strep and the streptokinase protein.

Subsequently, Dr. Cook ventured into a unique project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where he became involved in the development of a next-generation condom to address existing issues such as feel, odour, and taste.

Motivated by the potential for significant social impact, Dr. Cook is dedicated to overcoming challenges and driving positive change in global health through his work at Eudaemon Technologies.

The innovative approach at Eudaemon Technologies involves replacing latex with tough hydrogel materials, offering a more skin-like feel with no odour, taste, or allergic reactions. Additionally, these materials have the potential to integrate small molecule drugs, presenting opportunities for enhanced user experience and additional protective measures against STIs.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Dr. Cook enjoys music, particularly playing the guitar, bass guitar, and drums. He also maintains an active lifestyle through sports including soccer and squash.

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