Paramedics in the Community

RESEARCHER PROFILE  (Filmed November 2023)
Dr Brendan Shannon
Head of Postgraduate Programs
Monash University
Melbourne, Australia

Dr Brendan Shannon is a registered paramedic and Head of Postgraduate Programs and Deputy Head of Department of Paramedicine at Monash University.

Transitioning from 12 years clinical work as a paramedic to academia, Dr. Brendan Shannon understands the importance of research and education in the field of healthcare. He became a paramedic, pursued higher education, and transitioned into academia while still maintaining a clinical workload.

Brendan has balanced clinical and academic experience throughout his career and his research is closely informed by paramedicine practice. 

Brendan has a keen research interest in alternative care pathways, non-transport, referral services, paramedic practitioners and community paramedicine. His Doctoral research focused on investigating the experiences of health services when implementing alternative care pathways.

These pathways are designed to deliver care in community settings for populations that are traditionally underserved. The programs examined were found to effectively address complex patients’ needs in community settings.

Dr. Shannon is driven to help people’s lives be better, particularly those who don’t have the privileges as others. His focus is on treating underserved communities with chronic diseases and complex social conditions, who frequently use healthcare services, through community paramedicine programs, as well as patients who frequently utilise healthcare services like the emergency department.

“The intersection of chronic disease and complex social conditions presents a unique challenge in healthcare.  Researching programs to increase access to care for underserved patients within the community is a big umbrella term with lots of avenues to explore”, says Dr Shannon.

Apart from research, having a purpose to help others and teaching, Dr Shannon has a passion for restoring old cars nurtured from family influences. He also takes part in amateur martial arts, in particular Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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